Mid Lancashire Area Ramblers

The Red Rose County

Technology and Workshops

This section provides information on using some walking technology.
Devices/systesms descriptions offered here are done so by individual members and do not constitute a recommendation by the Ramblers Association.Some of the descriptions have been generated as material for workshops
They are mainly here for the subsequent reference of the attendees but you are welcome to use them for your own interest.
At the time of writing there is a Technical Workshop being organised for the 10th and 17th Sept. (possible repeat in late January)
Most of the material here at the moment is for those workshops.
Two documents are intended to be followed by people wishing to attend in order to have the correct Apps installed and setup on their mobile phones/tablets.
The rest, is the documentation for the workshop divided into practical file sizes.
You are welcome to reference these, download them, but you are not permitted to publish them in any form without the consent of Mid Lancs Area (primarily Eric Crichton)


Monday, December 10, 2018