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Which Menu?

The walk programme is available in a number of different formats to suit different needs and with different features.
All the walk information is taken from the Ramblers Main Web site and presented here to give easier access to the walks from Mid Lancs groups.

1. "Current Programme PDF" - this displays a PDF of all the walks in the current period.
    Periods are 4 months, starting in Mar, Jul and Nov.
    BUT NOTE that this particular PDF also includes the month before start of a preriod.
    NOTE: Late changes to walks are NOT normally reflected in PDF's.
    So it is prudent to register with the Late Change Text system - see Home page..

    NOTE:  if the grid references in PDF's are underlined (possibly blue), you can
                 click on them and it will show a street map of where the grid reference is located.

    Also, PDF's can be downloaded when displayed as a web page.
    Typically there is a downward pointing arrow usually top right of the window that enables a download.

2. "RA programme" - this is provided as an interactive list of walks taken directly from the RA site.
     Clicking on a walk expands it to show the full information.
     NOTE:  This list shows all walks ahead of today.
     NOTE:  You can see map information related to the walk.
                A.  In the "Start Place" section look for/click on either 
                     [Google Directions] or [OS map]

                    B.  In the postcode section click on the [....] after the postcode.
                         This shows an "envelope" on the map at the postcode location.
                         Usually some distance from the actual start.

3. "RA Map" - this presents an interactive map of all Mid Lancs walks from today.
    A coloured circle with a number in it is showing that there are that number of walks near there.
    Click on the circle and it will expand to a larger scale.
    A little picture of a person walking indicates a walk there.
    Click on the person to access details of the walk and click on the walk name.

4. "Archived Programmes" - a list of previous programmes, possibly as ideas for future walks.

5. "Submit a Walk" - You can submit a walk and it will be passed to a relevant coordinator.

6. "Historic Archive" - These are scans of walk programmes going back many years.
     Provided simply for interest, possibly ideas for walks and types of events.

5. "Walks CSV" - this is mainly intended for the production of a walk programme for the area (or group(s)).
      It has little use other than this but is harmless.
     It downloads a CSV containing the information from all the groups in the Area.
     It is in the format of an "Export" csv from the Walks and Event Manager (which are visible to walk "editors").
     However, it could be used by any group to produce a programme by limited manipulation of the csv.


Monday, December 10, 2018