Mid Lancashire Area Ramblers

The Red Rose County

Walk Descriptions/GPX's/Mapping

This section provides access to a number of forms of walk information.

"Walk Descriptions" 
These provide full descriptions of walks including pictures, grid regerences and text descriptions of the routes.
They can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet or computer and if wanted, printed out in simple ways or as a neat booklet.
This is a steadily growing collection of walks.
You are more than welcome to submit a description of a walk and it will be edited and added in whatever form is practical.

"GPX Collection"
These are GPX files containing the "tracks" of real walks.
They can be used in many phone "apps" or computer programs to show viable walks.
Use the rough grid ref to find tracks in the area of interest.
PLEASE NOTE: GPX tracks can  generate incorrect measures of distance and particularly height.
It's best to display the map of the walk to get a true sense of the walk.

"GPX Collection PDF"
This is the same as the GPX collection but provided in a PDF format with grid refs that can be click to show the map.

"Using GPX Files"
This provides some information on what GPX files are and how they can be used.

This section now just refers to the Technology section.

"Submit a Walk"
Use this to send a walk description to be included on the system.



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